Sport is not a top priority in the state budget neither a pillar of the country’s education system in any developing country.

An UNESCO Survey of about 32 African LDC, shows a dramatic increase of the number of pupils and students, with a shortage of sports teachers at schools (40 to 100 per teacher).

Ratio of sport participation is in the range of 0.01% to 1% of population (compared with 20-25% of the European Countries).

Most of the participants concentrate in few sports (soccer being no. 1), it is determined by the availability of the soccer facilities (more developed)
Soccer is, in fact, the only sport that the national federation is capable of organizing as a regular championship.


• Supporting in building new sport facilities

• Supporting better maintenance of the existing sport facilities

• Supporting the local sports federation to develop a system of nationwide tournaments

• Supporting the local coaches and trainers to improve their skills to provide pupils with a better chance of sport education

• Developing the basis for future sports events that will ensure sources of improvement for the sporting society as well as for the LDCs Communities